BotM v.1: “McBootleg” 1992

BotM v.1: “McBootleg” 1992

Welcome to the 2SJ "Bootleg Of The Month" (BotM) Series!

Our goal is to compile all the available 2SJ live shows (audience & soundboard) that were ever recorded in an archive available for download via in V0 MP3 & FLAC formats - all carefully selected for quality of sound, performance or "2SJ historical value." The plan is to release one show per month (each month featuring a different year), going as far back as 1991 and continuing til present!

This series features fan-made artwork & packaging, plus scans of any existing handbills/flyers, ads, tickets stubs, etc. from the show itself! As if that weren't enough, a different band member is going to do a short audio introduction, reflecting on their memories of that specific show!

Most importantly, we offer this as a "pay what you like" donation, with the intent to use any income towards recording new 2SJ material and funding future 2SJ tours! If you're broke or don't think we deserve it - it's YOURS FOR FREE! If you're rich or think we should record more 2SJ music and tour more, please donate generously! If you're in the middle, PAY WHAT YOU LIKE!!


Volume 1 of our BotM Series is called "McBootleg."

1992-04-24/25 West End Gate/River Rat @ McBain, Columbia University, NYC

This is the first actual 2SJ bootleg - from 1992 - recorded by fans and compiled by fans (UTT Studios - we have no idea who they were/are!*). We pressed a few of these to cassette back in the day to sell at shows - we have no idea how many of these there are (we're guessing less than 20...)! Andy Action possesses the only known actual copy & keeps it safe in the climate-controlled 2SJ Archival Vault in Staten Island, NY.

This was 2SJ's 13th show - and our 1st with bassist EDDIE EYEBALL! Original bassist, Sammy B., had been recently fired on 3/26/92 (although he returned in '95/'96 on guitar as King Vitamin and spawned both 2SJ EPs!!).

This bootleg contains songs from the first & third shows of the infamous "3 Shows in 24 Hours" that 2SJ played to indoctrinate Eddie Eyeball into the grueling 2SJ work ethic, which still exists to this day. He caught on quickly & never looked back! For the record, the 2nd of three shows was Earth Day at Columbia University, during the daytime of 4/25/92.

The actual recording is from two venues over two evenings:
4/24/92 (*) - The West End Gate on NYC's Upper West Side - a popular Columbia University bar/hang
4/25/92 (**) - River Rat at McBain Hall, Columbia University - this show was on a makeshift stage set up in the lounge of a dormitory & tons of fun!

1. [Eddie Eyeball Intro, 2010]
2. $5 pitchers *
3. [Mr and Mrs Jon Q]
4. James Bond Theme *
5. [Come Again]
6. Hippie Come Lately *
7. Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult Cover) **
8. [The Pyramid Is Opening]
9. I Like The Way You Smell **
10. Skinnee Business *
11. [Bruce]
12. Get Smart Theme *
13. BBQ *
14. Too Dimensional **

J-Slim: mic
MC WheatThin (Special J): mic
Andy Action: drum machine
Joey Viturbo: guitar
DJ Casper: keys/samples
Eddie Eyeball: bass guitar
The Four Hornsmen Of The Apocalypse:
Robbashanks, Small Wonder, Funky Dollar Bill, Scotty Ballgames

The band is raw, wild & live - we can't promise that the performance or the recording are any good, but currently this is the earliest recorded live document of 2SJ we have to offer. There are rumors that a video of the 3rd 2SJ show exists (11/9/91 - Reality Fest, Columbia University - complete with footage of nude girls in body paint, both of whom had alleged liaisons with Andy Action!) - stay tuned for details on that!

In addition to the 2SJ songs, the bootleggers added some (pretty funny) Monty Python & Firesign Theatre bits - comedy groups that 2SJ adored and were inspired by). Not sure why they did this, but we kept them here for historical accuracy. Sue us... These bits are delegated by [brackets] in the track listing.

This digital download was mastered by Robert Felsted, Jr. & features original artwork by Ramsey "Ramz" Lawson PLUS the scan of the j-card from the original cassette bootleg!
Eddie Eyeball did the verbal introduction, nearly 18 years later!


*UTT Studios, if you're out there, please contact us [email protected]! We want to know if you have the rest of the tracks from these shows and to thank you for spreading the Skinnee love with our first bootleg!

It's TOTALLY COOL if you want to download these for free (they're bootlegs!), but please understand that you have to provide a valid, working email address to get the link for the download!
Also, if you give 2SJ a SMALL donation via PayPal, it will go a LONG way toward funding additional 2SJ music & touring into the future! No pressure, though, for realz. 😉
- 2SJ

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