BotM v.2: “Getchya Wooly Ass Down” 1993

BotM v.2: “Getchya Wooly Ass Down” 1993

Welcome to the 2SJ "Bootleg Of The Month" (BotM) Series!

Our goal is to compile all the available 2SJ live shows (audience & soundboard) that were ever recorded in an archive available for download via in V0 MP3 & FLAC formats - all carefully selected for quality of sound, performance or "2SJ historical value." The plan is to release one show per month (each month featuring a different year), going as far back as 1991 and continuing til present!

This series features fan-made artwork & packaging, plus scans of any existing handbills/flyers, ads, tickets stubs, etc. from the show itself! As if that weren't enough, a different band member is going to do a short audio introduction, reflecting on their memories of that specific show!

Most importantly, we offer this as a "pay what you like" donation, with the intent to use any income towards recording new 2SJ material and funding future 2SJ tours! If you're broke or don't think we deserve it - it's YOURS FOR FREE! If you're rich or think we should record more 2SJ music and tour more, please donate generously! If you're in the middle, PAY WHAT YOU LIKE!!


Volume 2 of our BotM Series is called "Getchya Wooly Ass Down,"

1993- 10.16 New Music Cafe, NYC

1. [Special J Intro, 2010]
2. Also Sprach Zarathustra > 2-D
3. Hippie-critical
4. I Like The Way You Smell
5. Pit Boss
6. BBQ
7. Theme From Get Smart
8. Cracker (From Nebraska)
9. Skinnee Business
10. I'm In The Mood (For Food)
11. James Bond Theme
12. Evel Does It

J-Slim: mic
MC WheatThin (Special J): mic
Andy Action: drums
Joey Viturbo: guitar
DJ Casper: keys/samples
Eddie Eyeball: bass guitar
The Four Hornsmen Of The Apocalypse:
Robbashanks, Small Wonder, Funky Dollar Bill, Scotty Ballgames

This show is shortly after our triumphant prime-time ABC TV Battle Of The Bands appearance and we were starting to get cocky! It's still a very early stage of 2SJ, and it's a fun romp!

The zipped download includes audio files (MP3 V0 or FLAC)
PLUS a scan of the original handbill/flyer from this show!

This digital download was mastered by Robert Felsted, Jr. & features original artwork by Ramsey "Ramz" Lawson
Special J did the verbal introduction, nearly 17 years later!


If anyone knows the original taper of this show, please contact us: [email protected]

It's TOTALLY COOL if you want to download these for free (they're bootlegs!), but please understand that you have to provide a valid, working email address to get the link for the download!
Also, if you give 2SJ a SMALL donation via PayPal, it will go a LONG way toward funding additional 2SJ music & touring into the future! No pressure, though, for realz. 😉
- 2SJ

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