Early Skinnee Demos Compilation (Digital Download)

Early Skinnee Demos Compilation (Digital Download)

12 song compilation of early 2 Skinnee J's Demos+ 2 live tracks!


Includes Material from:

"Beyond Good & Evel" + “The Bodyguard Soundtrack
(later re-tiled  “Six-Songs for 5 Bucks”) cassette demos, circa 1992-93
& “American Heroes
” cassette demo, circa 1994
Plus two rare, live 2SJ tracks!


Quality Note: please note that the source of these songs are

analog cassettes or VHS! These digitized tracks may reveal flaws

within their original analog sources. Tape, baby!


This 2SJ Compilation is available in the following formats:
- zipped MP3 (VO)
- zipped FLAC (hi-res!)
- Individual Tracks (MP3 VO) for $0.99 each - streaming previews below!

*Digital Download zips include Original Artwork + 14 ORIGINAL scanned

images of these early cassette demos & original packaging!

Track Listing

"The Bodyguard Soundtrack" & "Beyond Good & Evel"
a/k/a "Six Songs For Five Bucks" cassette demos, 1992-1993:
1. I'm In The Mood (For Food)
2. Evel Does It (Evel Knievel)
3. Hippie-Critical (Hippie Come Lately)
4. World Barbeque (BBQ)
5. In 2-D (2 Dimensional)
6. Sensitive (90's Guy)

Live on ABC TV - Dick Clark's Battle of the Bands, summer 1993:
7. BBQ (live)

Live at the West End Gate, NYC, 1993, from the 2SJ Home video:
8. Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult cover)

"American Heroes" cassette demo, 1994:
9. (Up the) Periscope
10. Pit Boss
11. (I Was Born) Naked
12. [Enter The Skinnee] (A.J. Stumpy Johnson & Joey Viturbo)
13. Godzilla
14. [disclaimer] (Joey Viturbo)

J Slim - vocals
MC Wheat-thin (Special J) - vocals
Eddie Eyeball - bass
Joey Viturbo - guitars
DJ Casper - keys/samples
Andy Action - drums
The Four Hornsmen Of The Apocalypse:
- Robbashanks, Small Wonder, Funky Dollar Bill & Scotty Ballgames
Stevie Spice - trombone (tracks 9-12)

The early days of the J's in their entirety!

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