Enter The Gold Hat – Sexy Karate Live! (Digital Download)

Enter The Gold Hat – Sexy Karate Live! (Digital Download)

Recorded Live at The Norva Theater, Norfolk, VA on 3/29/03

Self-Released in 2003 on 2SJ's own label, Dolphins Vs. Unicorns


On March 29, 2003, Legendary Rock Paragons 2 Skinnee J's took the stage at The Norva in Norfolk, VA for what would prove to be one of the most celebrated appearances of their career.  The astonishing performance, masterfully recorded by Ray "Top-Notch" Amico, and filmed by a cast of camera-wielding misfits, became the cornerstone for the group's remarkable concert DVD, "Enter the Gold Hat."  This DVD was rumored to tear a viewer's skeleton from dermis.  Two thousand gelatinous meat piles and delicious bowls of soup stock later, the DVD stands ultimate on the "must watch" list for anyone not faint of heart.  And for those prudent enough to have photographed themselves before viewing and who thereafter managed to return bone to flesh, we offer you once more the key to their separation -- 2 Skinnee J's, "Enter the Gold Hat," The Compact Disc.


This 2SJ Album is available in the following formats:
- zipped MP3 (VO)
- zipped FLAC (hi-res!)
- Individual Tracks (MP3 VO) for $0.99 each – streaming previews below!

*Digital Download zips include scans of all Original Artwork & Packaging!


***Enter The Gold Hat - Sexy Karate Live! is also available as a Physical CD***

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Track Listing:

1. Space Avengers Return To Base
2. Change the World
3,4,5. Star Wars Medley: Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Rap Metal, Irresistible Force, Mindtrick
6. The Good, The Bad and The Skinnee
7. Get In The Van
8. One Summer
9. Girl With The World In Her Eyes
10. Pluto (Is A Planet)
11. Who Wants This?
12. Wild Kingdom
13. Loud Neighbors
14. In the Clutches of the Diabolical Sgt. Stiletto
15. Go Stumpy
16. 3 Minutes
17. The Best
18. BBQ
19. (718)
20. Think Of Us

Special J - mic
J Guevara - mic
Lance Rockworthy - guitar
Eddie Eyeball - bass
Stevie Spice - keys & samples
Mikey B - drums

***Also Available as a Physical CD***
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