Volumizer 3.0 (Digital Download)

Volumizer 3.0 (Digital Download)

We're sold out of physical CDs but have made Volumizer (in it's entirety)

available via Digital Download for the first time ever!


This version of Volumizer (we call it Volumizer 3.0) is a combination of the

intended Volumizer release (on Capricorn Records, before they folded) and the

actual Volumizer release (on Volcano Records, who forced the band to "write hits").

The tracklisting reflects the original intended song order, with the

3 additional songs from the Volcano release added as "bonus tracks."


2001 Capricorn Records/CD
Recorded, Produced & Mixed by:
Mickey Petralia
Engineer: Ryan Boesch
Additional mixing: Robert Carranza
Mastered by: Stephen Marcussen
Recorded: Winter 2000 at the Big House (NYC, NY), Mickey's Pool Haus (LA, CA),

Sunset Sound (LA, CA),SkyLab 2SJ (Brooklyn, NY)
Artwork and design: Frank "da Grocer" Garguilo
Photos: James Smolka

Volumizer 3.0 artwork alterations: Ramsey "Ramz" Lawson


This 2SJ Album is available in the following formats:
- zipped MP3 (VO)
- zipped FLAC (hi-res!)
- Individual Tracks (MP3 VO) for $0.99 each – streaming previews below!

*Digital Download zips include scans of all Original Artwork & Packaging!

Track Listing:
1. Horns of Destruction
2. 3 Minutes
3. Girl with the World in Her Eyes
4. Stockholm Love
5. Big Beat Evangelists
6. Brew Ha Ha!
7. Pass the Buck
8. Secret Frequency
9. Sugar & Candy
10. Loud Neighbors
11. Coming Home
12. Grown Up (Bonus Track)
13. Lost & Found (Bonus Track)
14. Lemon Drop (Bonus Track)

Special J - mic
J. Guevara - mic
Eddie Eyeball - bass, guitars on 8
Stevie Spice - keys & samples
Lance Corporal - guitars

DJ Swamp - turntables 1,5,7
Lisa Papineau - vocals 1
Dose - drums 2
Mikey B - drums 3,6,10
Gintas Janosonis - drums 4
Rusty Logsdon - bass 4
Jose Pasillas - drums 8
Will Blair - drums 11
Kevin Cloud - drums 12, 15
Matt Chamberlain - drums 13

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