Next Big Thing (The Farewell Show) LIVE DVD

Next Big Thing (The Farewell Show) LIVE DVD

Filmed Live at B.B. Kings, NYC, July 18 2003

Released in 2005 on 2SJ's own label, Dolphins Vs. Unicorns

In 1991, Special J joked with his college friend, J-Slim that they should start a band. Twelve years and 500,000 miles later, that joke finally made its last round at B.B. King's in NYC at the legendary (718) Farewell Extravaganza. This DVD does more than just chronicle that event, with 17 songs from the final show. It also gives a touching history of J's place in the rock and roll landscape of the 90's and 00's interspersing the electric performance with ancient footage of a decade of rock and interviews by the band and fans. Also included is the 20 minute documentary, What Went Wrong?: The 2 Skinnee J's Story, which follows our starcrossed celebrity boyfriend wanna-be's as they trip their way across the country and into your hearts. Pop this DVD into your player and transport yourself back into the sweaty dark pulsing rock lava flow that was 2 Skinnee J's - and if you're lucky you might even see yourself in the crowd.

DVD Contents:
* indicates a documentary clip

1. *A Brief History Of 2 Skinnee J's
2. "Riot Nrrrd"
3. "Loud Neighbors"
4. "In The Clutches Of The Diabolical Sgt. Stilletto"
5. "F.D.L.F.L.T.R.M."
6. "Irresistible Force"
7. "Mindtrick"
8. *Coming Along
9. "Next Big Thing"
10. *Electricity
11. "Big Beat Evangelist"
12. *This Is It
13. "You're A Champion" (feat. A. Mays)
14. *Big Words
15. "Who Wants This?"
16. *One Of Those Moments In A Movie
17. "Inside My Room"
18. *Dedication
19. "The Good, The Bad & The Skinnee"
20. *Mistakes
21. "One Summer"
22. Stumpy Dance
23. *Fans
24. "(718)"
25. *Free For All
26. "Sugar & Candy"
27. Coda: "Coming Home"
28. *Credits

Bonus Feature:
*What Went Wrong? - The 2 Skinnee J's Story

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