Return Of The New and Improved EP (Digital Download)

Return Of The New and Improved EP (Digital Download)

2SJ's first CD/EP release!
We're sold out of physical CDs but have made this EP available

via Digital Download for the first time ever!

1995 AJS Records/CD EP
Recorded under the name "Too Skinnee J's"


Produced by Hossman Productions (led by A.Mays) & Too Skinnee J's
Recorded: October 1995 at Thrift Unit HQ, Blacksburg VA
Cover art: Tony Cernaj
Band photos: Adrienne Cohen
Photos and art direction: Sammy B


This 2SJ EP is available in the following formats:
- zipped MP3 (VO)
- zipped FLAC (hi-res!)
- Individual Tracks (MP3 VO) for $0.99 each – streaming previews below!

*Digital Download zips include ALL Original Artwork scans from original packaging!

Track Listing:

1. The Best
2. Mindtrick
3. You're a Champion
4. Skinnee Business
5. Seven One Eight

Special J - mic
Curious (currently known as J. Guevara) - mic
Eddie Eyeball - bass
Stevie Spice - keys/trombone
King Vitamin (a/k/a Sammy B) - guitar

El Kabong, diabolical voice on Mindtrick
A.Mays, intro rap on Champion
DJ Bert Genius, turntables on 718

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