Sexy Karate! (Digital Download)

Sexy Karate! (Digital Download)

Self-Released 2003 CD on 2SJ's own label, Dolphins Vs. Unicorns

This is the last recorded 2SJ studio album - SO FAR!!


Produced & Recorded by: 2 Skinnee J's
Recorded at: Skylab, Brooklyn, NY De.2002 thru Jan.2003
Additional recording: Pie Studios, Glen Cove, NY
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by: Dug McGurk

Mastered by: Ra Cervenka
Art Direction & Design:
Tubby Design -


This 2SJ Album is available in the following formats:
- zipped MP3 (VO)
- zipped FLAC (hi-res!)
- Individual Tracks (MP3 VO) for $0.99 each – streaming previews below!

*Digital Download zips include scans of all Original Artwork & Packaging!


***Sexy Karate! is also available as a Physical CD***

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Track Listing:

1. Get in the Van"
2. Deal of the Century
3. One Summer
4. Who Wants This?
5. Inside My Room
6. I Can't Hear You
7. Friends Don't Let Friends Listen to Rap Metal
8. Change the World
9. Love Like Mountains
10. Next Big Thing

Special J - mic
J Guevara - mic
Lance Rockworthy - guitar
Eddie Eyeball - bass
Stevie Spice - keys & samples
Mikey B - drums

***Also Available as a Physical CD***

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