The Good, The Bad and The Serious (Acoustic Live on SiriusXM) (CD)

The Good, The Bad and The Serious (Acoustic Live on SiriusXM) (CD)

Recorded Live on Rawdog - SiriusXM Satellite Radio in NYC on 9/4/09.

Acoustic versions of 2SJ Favorites (& some unknowns!) + Q&A with band members from host Mark Says Hi! and members of a small studio audience!

A Specially Priced CD of this rare 2SJ Satellite Radio appearance packaged in a shrink-wrapped cardboard sleeve!

Also Available via Digital Download!

Track Listing

1. Intro & A.J. Stumpy Johnson Q&A
2. "(You're A) Champion"
3. Special J Q&A
4. "Girl With The World In Her Eyes"
5. Lance Rockworthy Q&A
6. "Secret Frequency"
7. Eddie Eyeball Q&A
8. "Stockholm Love"
9. Andy Action Q&A
10. "Grown Up"
11. Band/Audience Q&A
12. Get In The Van


Special J: vocals
Eddie Eyeball: acoustic guitar, vocals
Lance Rockworthy: acoustic guitar, vocals
Andy Action: drum machine, drums & vocals
A.J. Stumpy Johnson: owner, manager & spiritual advisor

Mark "Mark Says Hi!" Semen: host

Made by the band, distributed by the band - directly to you from us!

Price: $9.99
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