Enter The Gold Hat (Sexy Karate Live!) DVD

Enter The Gold Hat (Sexy Karate Live!) DVD

Filmed Live at The Norva, Norfolk VA - March 29, 2003

Released in 2003 on 2SJ's own label, Dolphins Vs. Unicorns

Holy f**ck! The legendary extinction-level rock event known to scientists as "2 Skinnee J's" has finally been captured on film as irrefutable evidence of their incendiary live show. Though no man-made technology yet exists to provide an accurate measure, most experts agree the collectively unbridled rocking fury of 2 Skinnee J's would not only disintegrate your DVD player, but likely all forms of life within a half mile radius leaving an enormous rock-ioactive crater that would be unsuitable for any organic matter for a half-life of 12.7 million years, perhaps more. Tsunami-size rock waves, delivered at maximum velocity....be prepared to lose your flesh and witness your bones become instant soup stock. Mmmmmm, delicious.

Smart, stylish, savvy, New York City's own 2 Skinnee J's effortlessly weave samplers with guitars, synthesizers with boogie bass, beats and flows with melodies to create an energetic indie rock/alternative rap sound laced with intelligent lyrics that gets you dancing and thinking at the same time. Now filmed in concert for the first time ever on the 2003 F**ck You, We Quit! Farewell Tour promoting their new album "Sexy Karate," watch in awe as 2SJ rip through a full set of Skinnee classics and new gems. The dancing mastery of A.J. Stumpy Johnson will have you introducing your jaw to the floor, as in "jaw, meet floor." Gain VIP access to the band onstage, backstage, on the road and in the hot tub. Also included are music videos and several behind-the-scenes video shorts.

WARNING: It may be wise to photograph yourself prior to viewing so as to have a rudimentary guide to reconstruct your general bone structure.

DVD Contents:
1. Space Avengers Return To Base
2. Change the World
3. Star Wars Medley: Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Rap Metal, Irresistible Force, Mindtrick
4. The Good, The Bad and The Skinnee
5. Get In The Van
6. One Summer
7. Girl With The World In Her Eyes
8. Pluto (Is A Planet)
9. Who Wants This?
10. Wild Kingdom
11. Loud Neighbors
12. In the Clutches of the Diabolical Sgt. Stiletto
13. Go Stumpy
14. 3 Minutes
15. The Best
16. BBQ
17. (718)
18. Think Of Us

Additional Materials:
Videos: Get In The Van :: I Can't Hear You

Bonus Features:
Band Commentary :: I Can't Hear You Bloopers :: Deal Of The Century (Bird Of Prey Remix) :: Stumpy Interview

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